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Exilis awarded Best Tightening Award - get your treatment at Bella Medici Today!

Bella Medici provides a non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles
and for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits.

You want everything to be perfect for your big day. You’ve found the perfect dress, let us help you obtain the perfect fit. The Exilis treatment will have you looking great today and years to come.

Do you need a jumpstart on losing the unwanted baby fat?
After nursing the baby, we can help non-invasively reduce
unsightly fat, tighten up skin and improve the appearance
of stretch marks

Watch how amazing and easy Exilis Treatment is
Exilis (by BTL Aesthetics) is a non-invasive cosmetic operation which aims at removing unwanted body fat, treating skin laxity and even limiting the appearance of wrinkles and free lines. Encompassing cutting edge technology, it has also been approved by the FDA.

How Does Exilis Work?

Exilis uses a device with two heads that liquifies fat and tightens the skin at the same time. To achieve that, it emits monopolar radio frequency waves so as to trigger collagen growth. In fact, the integrated Energy Flow Control (EFC) system enables the doctor to focus exactly on the wanted area, while being constantly informed by a monitor, and apply the appropriate energy to the patient’s body or face, thusly treating it without causing any undesired harm. After it has been melt, the fat goes through the lymphatic system, exiting the patient’s system.
A typical Exilis operation takes about 20-30 minutes, depending of course on the size of the treated area. A total of 4-6 treatments (at 7-10 days intervals) are usually required to experience fairly noticeable results, which will appear after a time period of 2-3 months after the completing of the treatment.



Encompassing innovative applications, Exilis has been praised for delivering the following:
  • It achieves effective fat shedding from the treated spots
  • It accomplishes dynamic skin tightening
  • It efficiently tones and contours the trouble body areas
  • It causes minimal discomfort and pain during the procedure thanks to its advanced software that delivers gradual application of energy
  • It requires brief treating sessions
  • It delivers long-lasting results
  • It is clinically tested and is almost free of side effects, mainly owing to its non-obtrusive method

Areas To Be Treated

A multitude of body spots can be taken care by Exilis. These primarily include:
  • Waistline
  • “Love handles”
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Inner Knees
  • Breast (and “men breasts”)
  • Buttocks
  • Face
  • Jowls
  • Neckline

Side Effects

Being non-invasive, Exilis is practically free of unintended adverse reactions. The only issues that a patient may encounter have to do with some mild redness in the treatment area, which however subsides shortly after the treatment, and some tenderness, particularly if the operation is performed on the face.  Moreover, as there is virtually no recuperation time, the whole process can be described as uncomplicated.


Actually, Exilis can be considered as a very affordable cosmetic procedure. The average price tag for a complete series of treating sessions found at Bella Medici Medical Spa is $1250 (since each course is charged approximately $350-400). Yet, the exact cost is dependable on the case, the number of the areas to be cured and the extent of the initial problem.

Exilis Reviews

The largest amount of the patients’ feedback is undoubtedly vary favorable for the Exilis method. In essence, most users’ testimonials confirm the allegations of the company for an effective and risk-free method for firming up loose skin as well as eradicating persistent fat deposits that were unable to be dealt with even after harsh exercising and diet. On the other hand, there have also been complaints that the procedure was not so painless while some reviewers were negatively surprised to regain the shed fat (however, this is a common eventuality for patients who fail to comply with a more balanced nutrition plan after an operation).

Before and After Photos

exilis before and after photos back
Exilis Before and After photos: Back
exilis before and after photos belly
Exilis Before and After photos: Belly Area
exilis before and after photos neck
Exilis Before and After Photos: Neck
Our Advice
Exilis is an decent solution for men and women who desire to tighten their skin, on the body and the face, and rejuvenate their appearance, being actually one of the most successful non-invasive alternatives to traditional liposuction. Of course, you need to be a good candidate so as to finally have an operation like this, and that means that you have stable weight, you are generally healthy and you are not a woman in pregnancy, to say the least (and that’s why a thorough medical examination will be carried out before the therapy). In any case, do keep in mind that a crucial factor that will determine the outcome of the treatments is the choice of a certified medical professional. Finally, you will be able to maintain the results of an Exilis treating program only if you succeed in adhering to a balanced nutrition from that point on and also exercise regularly!

Give us a call to schedule your free consult and next Exilis treatment.  Call and inquire about Vanquish as well.  We can help you eliminate your fat cells permanently.

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How do I get rid of Wrinkles? Let us help!

Wrinkle Treatment:

As we age, more and more wrinkles appear on our face and body. Although wrinkles can signify wisdom, we would rather not have them. Most wrinkles appear on the parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest. Here are two categories of wrinkles : fine surface “texture” wrinkles or lines and deep “dynamic” wrinkles relater to the muscle contractions ( frown lines , smile lines , etc).
Aging of the skin is very complex and a gradual process. There are two components in aging process: “internal aging”, programmed in our genes and “external aging”, caused by external harmful l factors (smoking, inadequate water intake, unprotected UV exposure, air pollution and many others).

With age skin cells divide more slowly and the inner layer, called the dermis, begins to thin. The number of the superficial skin cell also decreases (by about 10% per decade). Collagen production gradually slows down, resulting in decreasing of the skin firmness. The skin is less able to retain moisture and oil-secreting glands produce less sebum (skin oil). All these changes make the skin thinner, less elastic and cause it wrinkle and sag.  As we age, if we don't do things to stimulate collagen and elastin production, this process is minimal.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to reverse our “internal aging” but the “external aging” can be significantly modified or prevented. It is crucial to maintain a healthy life style, quit smoking and wear a sunblock with SPF# 30 or more to prevent wrinkle formation. There are several non-surgical options available for wrinkle correction.  Bella Medici Medical Spa offers many options for treatment of wrinkles:

  • Medical/topical treatments: Vitamin A (Tretinoin, Retin-A), alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid), antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E) and moisturizers.
  • Cosmetic procedures: medical facials, chemical peels (glycolic acid, TCA peels), microdermabrasion, or micro-needling.
  • Exilis skin tightening. This new and advanced radiofrequency technology helps to remodel the collagen and elastin and to promote new collagen formation.
  • Laser skin resurfacing:  IPL(intense pulsed light) and laser resurfacing. These help to stimulate the body's natural collagen production and to remove the superficial old layers of the skin cells.
  • Botox®  or Xeomin (paralyzes the muscles, reducing wrinkle appearance).
  • Dermal fillers : (Bellafill® , Belotero® , Juvederm™ , and Radiesse®). These are injected into the skin to increase volume and flatten wrinkles and folds.
If you are considering treatment for your wrinkles, come visit us for a free consultation to see which procedure is right for you according to your age, skin type and personal expectations. Call today for your free consultation.   Many of the treatments we offer have no downtime and minimal to no discomfort.

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Open House - One Year Anniversary Event - Cupcakes & Champagne

The Buzz on Belotero -- do your dark under eye circles make you looktired? We can help!

The Buzz on Belotero

Have you heard about Belotero, the latest entry into the facial fillers line-up? It can get confusing with all the players in the hyaluronic acid fillers field, so we thought we might help clear up some of the confusion.
Much like Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane, Belotero is hyaluronic acid dermal filler for the superficial lines and moderate to severe wrinkles on the face and is designed to add subtle volume and plumpness to facial tissue. This hyaluronic acid-based gel offers natural looking results with little recovery time. Since the gel is softer than most other products on the market, it integrates into facial skin more easily and adapts to facial contours. Of the patients who have been treated with Belotero, many have stated that they see immediate results with reduction of wrinkles but the results are more natural and subtle when compared with other HA fillers.
Belotero, developed by Merz Aesthetics, has been in use in Europe for several years and has been recently approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in the United States. The side effects have been the typical ones for facial fillers; some temporary bruising, redness or swelling for certain patients.
As we see it, the main difference between Belotero and some of the other HA fillers, is that it is designed to treat superficial facial lines and moderate to severe wrinkles that are closer to the surface of the skin. At times, in inexperienced hands, facial fillers such as Juvederm leave a bluish hue under the skin called the Tyndall Effect, when it is injected too superficially, particularly under the eyes.
Another benefit of Belotero is that it claims to last longer than other HA fillers, which claim to last up to 12 months. This is rare as most people see results for about 3-6 months following treatment with typical HA products. Merz claims that Belotero lasts on the average of 12 months compared to 6-8 for Juvederm. We’ll have to wait and see on this one.
Belotero may find a special niche in the dermal facial filler industry by allowing physicians to treat superficial fine lines without the worry about the Tyndall Effect. The natural ability of the product to be absorbed into the skin will make it useful for treatments ranging from lines around the mouth, under the eyes where skin is the thinnest, and for the lines between the eyes.





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