Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Long Lasting Solution for Wrinkle Correction – Bellafill!

A Long Lasting Solution for Wrinkle Correction – Bellafill!

Bellafill is the secret that will leave people wondering. Cosmetic procedures are popular and accepted by many but even so, it’s nice to feel like your beauty is natural and effortless!
Unlike some fillers that can temporarily swell your facial features, Bellafil leaves your face glowing immediately after treatment.

Stand out from the crowd with Bellafill
Wrinkle CorrectionTypical fillers simply expand to reduce the look of lines and sagging. Regardless of the make of the injectable, fillers are always absorbed by the skin. In other words, both natural and synthetics disappear the same manner. Bellafill’s microspheres works in an entirely different way- It’s a long term solution that works with your skin to keep your face refreshed and young for months longer than its next competitor
Micro-technology for world class beauty
The Microspheres that Bellafil uses is a patented technology. Your skin naturally forms collagen at any age, and the Microspheres attract this collagen to create a stronger dermal layer. This results in less sagging and wrinkling because your body’s naturally produced collagen is retained longer than it would with other fillers!

Cutting edge and incredibly safe
Bellafill is so safe, it’s used in hyper sensitive areas of the body. With the trust of the best cosmetic doctors and the seal of safety approval from Health Canada, nearly three billion units have been distributed all across the world! Bellafill is completely suitable for reducing the effects of aging with very minimal risks or effects.

Natural and beautiful
All temporary improvements follow a cycle:
  • First apply or administer, like any cosmetic or cosmetic procedure
  • Enjoy until the improvements wear off
  • Re-apply for adjustment or a boost
  • Rinse and repeat!
It’s understandable that in such a fast-paced world, the fatigue can show on our faces. Temporary fillers are great for reversing these issues, but it’s often that they wear off in a way that doesn’t seem natural. With Bellafill’s more permanent effects, your beauty wears smoothly. It’s worry-free and works with your skin to improve your youthful look, even as it fades away. Other benefits include:
  • Immediate results with no swelling
  • No downtime for recovery
  • Fewer injections required to restore youth
  • Bottom line economical
  • Completed with a simple, in-office procedure
It’s the filler that keeps getting better with time. Feel confident with Bellafill!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Get $25 for every $100 gift card!!

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Looking for the Best Holiday Gift? A Spa Gift Card is a Great Solution! Bella Medici Medical Spa has something for everyone!image

Thinking about the Mom, the wife, the best female friend? At Bella Medici we offer Everything from Laser Hair Removal to Laser Tattoo And Vein Removal, as well as BOTOX, Fillers, Relaxing Facials, Acne Treatment, Touch Point Massage and much much more!

We have SKIN CARE for everyone!


For the Gent on your list, Laser Services of Hair, Tattoo and Vein Removal are popular with our guys and gals! Also, every man loves a facial or a hot stone Touch Point Massage!


And, finally for men and women, we have Medical Weight Loss Programs with a variety of options including: Rx meds such as HCG, B-12 and B-12 or our new Healthwise Diet plan, both offering 5-8 lbs of weight loss per week!!  And we offer fat dissolving treatments with Exilis and Vanquish…which are amazing!!  Everyone would love to have Santa help them get rid of unwanted fat!

So, you don’t know what service he or she would prefer..then get a Gift Card!!  From now until Christmas, for every $100 you spend on a gift card, we will bonus you an additional $25!!

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