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Spring is here! Start this Spring out with these Healthy Skin Habits

Spring is Here!

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Start out your Spring skin care routine with these healthy habits

Just in time for our Spring Skin Care Event -- bring in your old skincare products and trade them in for credit towards our new line.

Jan Marini Skin Care
has now arrived at Bella Medici

 Clean out your old cosmetics

When in doubt, toss it out. There are no FDA regulations for skin-care product expiration dates, but it is important to be vigilant about swapping out products regularly (because they do have a shelf life). Go through your cosmetics, products, and sunscreens, and toss the things that have been around a little too long. Remember this rule of thumb: Anything you apply near the lips or eyes should be tossed after a year. Also, throw your dingy makeup bag in the washer. If it can’t be laundered, clean with antibacterial cleanser.


Image result for skin exfoliation Clean up your winter skin, just like you do your winter wardrobe and do your  Spring cleaning.  Bring out the skin's brightness by exfoliating a little more in the spring. In the winter, when your skin is drier and more sensitive (thanks, whipping winter winds and dry indoor heat), it’s best to exfoliate just once a week. But in the spring, exfoliation removes old layers of skin and helps topical treatments absorb into the skin better. Most skin types can increase exfoliation to twice a week. If you notice dryness, redness, or sensitivity, decrease how often you exfoliate or ask your dermatologist which exfoliation method might work best for you.   

Lighten up your Moisturizer

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Moisturizer is crucial to any skin-care routine, ybut using heavy creams in the spring can actually cause annoying breakouts. In the spring, switch from very heavy, hydrating moisturizers and oil-based products to lighter formulations, like a hydrating serums and lighter lotions. Heavy creams have lipids that stick to the skin and repair your dry winter skin barrier. When that skin barrier is already healthy, however, the extra lipids to the skin can cause clogged pores and pimples. Look for serum, lotions, or hydrating gels rather than creams.

Freshen up your Cleanser

Image result for skin cleanser faceBid farewell to cold weather and re-introduce stronger cleansers into your skin routine. During the winter, its best to use creamy or hydrating more gentle cleansers. In the Spring its time to switch to a normal cleansers.  Like heavy moisturizer, creamy cleansers leave a residue of fats on the skin. That’s good in the winter because you have a compromised skin barrier, but you don’t need it in the spring. Keep the three categories of cleansers in mind: creamy, foaming, and normal (non-soap, pH-balanced cleanser). Opt for normal cleanser once the weather warms up, unless your skin is especially oily, in which case a foaming cleanser can help remove extra oils.

Get ready for Allergy Season

Suddenly have puffy bags under your eyes? You didn’t age overnight. When people have allergies to pollen or any other environmental allergen, it can create redness and inflammation underneath the eyes, making under-eye bags larger and wrinkles around the eye more pronounced. It can also cause stinging or burning around the eyes. Stop in and talk to one of our skincare experts about anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy skincare products  that can heal the skin and calm down the inflammation. If you’re prone to allergies, your doctor may recommend preventative practices. Taking an over-the-counter, non-sedating antihistamine each morning, for example, could help avoid flare-ups as well. 

Come see our skincare Pro for a Chemical Peel

For deeper renewal of the skin, we recommend a chemical peel. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, eventually causing the outer layers to peel off. The new layer of skin underneath is typically smoother and less wrinkled.  This is great to help with pigmentation, acne, for anti-aging and to improve skin texture, tone and pore size.  Spring is a time when you want to remove dead skin cells so you can have rejuvenated skin at the surface.  Chemical peels can also combine different brightening agents that lighten brown spots and age spots.

Image result for chemical peel before and after
Image result for chemical peel before and after
Image result for chemical peel before and after

Use Sunscreen at all times

We recommend you apply sunscreen every morning, all year long. However, in the springtime, it’s especially important to be vigilant about protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.  When spring arrives, we all have cabin fever and spend more time outside than we did in the winter. The most important thing is to make sure you use sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy. Apply every morning, and reapply every two hours. If you get wet, apply every hour. Use makeup that has SPF protection but that is likely not enough. A lot of makeup foundation has SPF 15 in it.  You need SPF 30 or higher.  If you’re taking a spring break vacation, make sure you lather up with sunscreen when you’re on the beach or even if you’re just sitting next to a window—say, in a car during a road trip.  Sunscreen is one of the best preventive efforts against skin cancer and aging. 

Don't forget your Hat

Hats are a fun way to protect your skin: Hit the mall. Try to find some nice, fun hats.Get in the habit of wearing one outside. I also like finding fashionable sun protective clothing.” Look for a broad-rimmed hat, which protects the face and scalp from sun damage better than, say, a baseball cap. If you know you’ll be exercising outside and sweating, look for UV-protected clothing. Sun protection on clothing is measured by UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)—the higher, the better. A fabric with UPF of 50 will allow only 1/50, or 2 percent, of the sun’s UV rays to pass through. To compare, a white T-shirt has an average UPF of 7.

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You won't want to miss our Spring Cleaning skin care event

Thursday, March 28, 2019 

11:00am to 5:00pm

Monday, March 4, 2019

Do you hate your tired look and your saggy neck?

Neck Lift and Bellafill to the Rescue!

Woman pulling skin near eyes with fingers Many women (and a few men) are obsessed with their neck and jowls.  “My neck is saggy!” or “My neck is wrinkled!” are common refrains from “maturing” women.  “What can you do to fix my neck?” is often one of the first questions we hear as the woman’s fingers reach for the skin just below her ears and lift!
It seems that everyone has tried pulling the skin of their face back with their fingers.  They then hope that there is a simple way to get this result:

There now is!!

  • without a major facelift
  • without resultant downtime
  • without major complications
  • without major expense.

Non-Invasive Thread Lift and Permanent Filler Yield Amazing Results

PDO threads can be used to make your neck look better by tightening and lifting that ugly neck waddle.  Placement of threads in the cheeks and and jawline help remove jowls and minimize wrinkles and the nasolabial folds.  PDO threads are used to lift the cheeks and contour the jawline and neck to help reduce saggy skin and restructure the contour of the face. 

People don't realize that where they age is the under eyelid bags and wrinkles around the mouth.  That is where fillers play a part in minimally invasive refreshing of the face and permanent fillers like Bellafill are perfect for this.

Even better .... Combine the lifting effects of PDO threads with Permanent fillers:

  • are more reliable and predictable than fat grafting that is usually used with facelifts and neck lifts.
  • can be used to restore volume and remove wrinkles around the mouth and eyes that facelifts do not address.
  • do not require repeated injections like other fillers.
  • much safer than hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers
  • similar in cost to temporary fillers

Before and After Neck Lift and permanent filler Bellafill for eyes and around mouth
6 months After Bellafill for Under Eyes and Around Mouth plus Neck and Cheek 
Thread Facelift

Combined, these two facial rejuvenation techniques, Bellafill and thread lift, offer a simple, comprehensive approach to looking younger.  The tired look of lower eyelid bags as well as the sad look of lip wrinkles and marionette lines or laugh lines are removed by the filler called Bellafill.  The neck jowls and cheeks are tightened and refreshed and the skin of the neck is contoured by the thread lift.  This gives a comprehensive approach means that:
  • the cost is less
  • no scars like with a surgical facelift
  • bruising and swelling is usually minimal
  • no down time
Image result for thread lift imagesImage result for thread lift images

Impressive, long last results can be achieved by combining these two techniques.  The results of these procedures provide a natural look that patients say makes them look like they feel, still young and vibrant.

More About Permanent Fillers

Fillers can be used to correct problems like lower eyelid bags, and lip lines that some people call smoker’s lines.  You do not have to have surgery for these problems.  Conversely, creams and serums as well as light chemical peels and treatments like light laser, IPL and micro-needling will help but they will not really address the problem which is loss of volume.
One of the problems is that you have to come back all the time if you are getting injections with temporary fillers like Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane, Scupltra, Radiesse and Belotero.  The other filler that many surgeons use in FAT.  But that requires another surgical site and the results are very unpredictable with the “take” on fat grafting being reported between 35 and 85%. Bellafill is a better answer!


For these reasons, I prefer Bellafill which is a permanent filler.  Even better, Bellafill is not really a filler after 6 months but your own tissue since Bellafill is really just a collagen injection which then induces your body to make its own collagen.

Bellafill Combined with a Thread Lift 

  • is 100% predictable.
  • Bellafill is much safer than the temporary HA fillers
  • Bellafill can be used:
    • For under the eyes
    • For marionette lines
    • For laugh lines or for nasolabial folds
    • For chin creases
    • For nose augmentation or to hide bumps and asymmetriesFor the temples
    • Around the lips
    • In the earlobes
    • In neck creases
    • Just about anywhere.
We have a lot of information about how Bellafill works, the concerns some people have about Bellafill problems and complications as well as the real science.  Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

I want Santa to bring me a Liquid Facelift for Christmas!


Liquid Facelift

Special Pricing Just in time for Christmas



 4 Syringes of Bellafill

2 Syringes of Versa

40 Units of Xeomin

Regular Price $5600

Can Add extra units of Xeomin for $10 per unit

Can add extra syringes of Bellafill for $650 per syringe

Can add thread-lifts at 20% off

Must complete before December 24, 2018, in one visit

Contouring and SCULPTING the Face Without One Incision

*Individual Results May Vary

This liquid face-lift is achieved by combining dermal fillers and Botox that you might achieve surgical results without the anesthesia, downtime and costs of surgery.

With any injection, the most common side effect is redness and mild swelling.

Fillers provide an instant correction giving a more youthful appearance immediately.

Two Master Level Injectors.
Expertise in the non surgical face-lift.
Treating over 2,000 patients yearly
Top 4% in the nation. 

Is It For You?

Do you have loss of volume, facial wrinkles, acne scars or want to add volume for fresher, younger looking skin?
Are you ready to take back the hands of time without surgery?
You'd like to work with an experienced, Master level Injector who specializes in contouring with an artistic and skillfully mastered technique.

Procedure with take about 60 minutes
No down time and very comfortable!

Ready to get started or have some questions? Call now  to schedule your free consultation